Conveyance Tax-                

Each month transfer reports are available from the Lorain County Auditor’s Real Estate Department.  These reports will give a great deal of information about the Real Estate being transferred in Lorain County.  Each report listed below has a short explanation of what is covered:

  •  Monthy Report: is an overview page of all of the reports.  They are broken down to other individual reports.
  •  Conveyance Comparisons: shows the number of sales we have has as compared to the 4 prior years, and the conveyance fees collected with those sales.
  • Commercial & Industrial Report:  these are the conveyance fees collected from only commercial and Industrial zoned property in a particular month.
  • Splits Report: shows how many properties are adjusted for any reason.  They can be split, combined, platted or corrected.
  • Split Breakdown: shows what area those splits, plats or combinations, have happened in.
  •  Plat Report: gives details on subdivisions that are created each month.
  • Sublot/Condo/Plat Totals: are giving a total number of sublots or condominiums that are created in each particular month and how they compare to the prior years.
  • Sales by District: will give you a specific breakdown of each district and how many sales have occurred in each area.
  • Sales by District year to date: is comparing the year at a glance for these sale areas.
  •  Log Report: is a basic overview of the money that comes through the office for each area listed.

Conveyance Reports

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code § 4705.01, beginning August 1, 2011 the Real Estate Office will no longer fill out Conveyance or Exempt forms.  All documents being presented for transfer must have the proper Conveyance or Exempt form submitted. You only need to submit one form with your transfer. Just a reminder, we do not accept handwritten forms. All forms must be typed and filled out completely. All required information for the form can be found on the auditor's website.  No transfers will be accepted after 4PM.