New Construction

lcauditorIt is the responsibility of the Lorain County Auditor to conduct an annual inspection of all new construction in Lorain County. This is one of the many steps in the preparation of the real estate tax duplicate. This process begins by obtaining, throughout the year, building/zoning permits from all of the municipalities and townships. There are approximately 6000 permits issued each year in Lorain County. There is an additional 1500-2000 rechecks of properties from the previous year's new construction each year.

The Auditor's office staff sorts and prepares the permits for field review. The properties are inspected and the structures measured. All pertinent information is gathered such as square footage, condition and grade of the structures, total room count, and any additional features. The information is then keyed into the computer system and a fair market value is determined. A second review is done by the Auditor's Chief Appraiser and staff for accuracy and the final value is entered into the tax system for the upcoming year.