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    3.1        All responses to records requests are to be made in compliance with Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43. This policy is intended to summarize these provisions. Any interpretation of this policy or matters not specifically provided for herein shall be in accordance with R.C. 149.43.

Records are to be organized so as to be available promptly and within a reasonable time after allowing for examination and redaction of exempted information. This may include seeking legal assistance. 

    3.2        Records custodian cannot require requester to provide identity or reason for request. Records custodian may ask for the requester’s identity, about the intended use, or that the request be in writing, if it would help to identify, locate, or deliver the requested records. However, the records custodian must disclose to the requester the following:

        You are not mandated by law to make your request in writing and you may decline to reveal your identity or intended use.

        Records custodian is not required to allow requestor to make copies

3.3        If request is refused, an explanation for the refusal must be provided, which includes the legal authority. If request is in writing, refusal must be in writing.

   If refusal is because request is overly broad, ambiguous, or worded so one cannot identify records, records custodian must inform requester how records are maintained and accessed to assist requester in revising request. 

   If redactions (deletions of exempt information) are made to records, the records custodian must notify requester of redactions and make redactions plainly visible. 

3.4   If a request is for any commercial purpose, the number of records to be transmitted by United States mail is limited to ten per month, unless the person certifies to the office in writing that the person does not intend to use or forward the requested records, or the information contained in them, for commercial purposes. “Commercial” means profit-seeking production, buying, or selling of any good, service, or other product.